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    The ruleset does a lot to make playing HERO easier. I have been running a game with the ruleset for... 3? years now? Compared to running tabletop or with another VT with no ruleset it is night and day.
    I'm not going to say it does everything.. but it tracks Speed... handles most of the standard combat stuff and a lot of the special stuff.
    It's pretty cool, if I say so myself. 
    But FG does not have ur ruleset yet so basically for me any vtt will do or possibly Roll20 which does have the Hero system loaded but is a monthly fee.... Yuck. Lol

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    Jumping in to express quite a lot of interest in this. On a whim I ponied up for a Unity license since it was on sale, then went hunting to see what was available. I've read through 36+ pages of thread to be here. Champions 5th Edition is one of my favorite systems of all time! Somewhere in the basement of this house is the hardcover Heroes 5th Core book... when I had to do the panic sale of my place and move out, very little got labeled. Ah well. I have a PDF too. I've applied/joined the group as well, so I'm tracking updates there too. Hi there, Blackfoot! You're awesome! How goes your Great Work?

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    Are these Champions Ruleset read to download and play? I have been a Champions Fan for more than 20 years. I would love to play this game on Fantasy Grounds

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    I played champions first ed back in high school (ok I'm showing my age) and been a fan of the system ever since. I have both classic and unity and would love to be a beta tester for you. I hope you have some sort of release soon.

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    VERY interested in this ruleset. I ran an extended Champions 4th Ed campaign back in the early 90s...HUGE fun. I have EVERYTHING HERO games published for 3rd and 4th editions. I missed out on the 5th ed but I hope the best parts are still there and they fixed some of the glaring issues. To have the ability to run this via FGU, just wow!

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