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    SagaBorn Ruleset - WIP

    I am slowing working on the SagaBorn RPG ruleset for Fantasy Grounds.

    I am the creator of SagaBorn, and not a programmer, so it is going slow

    So far I have fixed the character sheet to have the correct skills. I am also working on inputting all the items from the core rulebook.

    Things I need to work on:

    Fantasy Grounds ruleset edit

    1. Make saves equal to skills
    2. Make ability scores = to ability bonus and make it editable

    Character sheet only

    1. Get rid of senses
    2. Get rid of grapple
    3. Add saga point
    4. Remove proficiency
    5. Rename feats to talents
    6. Add space for mana
    7. Remove alignment
    8. Add space for Max Mana and Current Mana


    1. Mana system

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    Also, if there is anyone out there who is more familiar with editing FG rulesets, I would be happy to work out a payment deal for help!

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