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    Extension- Player Manager

    Player ManagerALPHA
    Currently this is a POC/WIP. There are bits in the screenshots that are subject to change and my imply functionality that will be gone or expanded. Because it is an Alpha you should backup you campaign before testing it with data

    As I was doing some spring cleaning I starting reading my old D&D notebooks and i got to thinking (queue trouble)...

    There really is not a way to track information about users and which game game sessions they joined, missed annoyed the crap out of the GM... and so forth...
    Part of why I use a VTT is so I don't have to carry notebook to and from games and my memory cant retain if Jones missed the game session on the 1st, was late or if it was Bill there months after the fact.

    By building it on top of CoreRPG it can be used with the almost any rule-set in FGC or FGU.
    (why almost, because I don't test them all)

    What's it do?
    When a player connects to the GM it searches for the player in the campaign, sends them a link to edit their player record and sends them any announcements...

    It tracks when someone claims or releases a character.
    coming soon...
    When there is a current session it will track when users join/leave a session.
    It will track when a character is selected or released by a player.

    What do players get?

    Players have a new players button which offers the ability to see the current session, their player record and (as of v0.20) the announcements.
    When the player clicks on their "player link" they can see/edit their player record including their name, email, voice chat system nickname and a notes field. There is a gm notes field that the player doesn't see.
    The character sheet includes a time-stamped history of when the characters ownership has changed. (The extension must be loaded in order to record the ownership changes)
    The link can be dragged to the quick access bar as well.

    And the GameMaster?
    The GameMaster gets a new "players" button.
    From there the GM can manage players, sessions and announcements

    All announcements are automatically sent to players when they connect to the host. If you add a new announcement (or edit one) after players have joined you can use the chat bubble it to all connected players.

    Sessions (and current session)
    Sessions track when players join/drop and which characters are in use. They are meant to help you, and players, remember who played in that session x months ago.
    Really, it is meant to get rid of a notebook I keep about game sessions over the net or at a physical table.
    You can create, edit and delete sessions.
    You can start a session from the detailed session window by clicking "start session" or dragging a session link to the current session area.
    You can stop a session by clicking on "end session" from the detailed session window or the Players & Sessions window.
    You starting a different session will automatically stop the current session. Closing the campaign will stop the session.

    The Security ramblings that we all care about but dont really pay attention to or care about...
    FG determines record ownership based on the "name" players connect to the host with from the client. There is no un/password to secure that Jones is in fact Jones when connecting. This is not a design of the extension but Fantasy Grounds itself. So yes, Jones can change his name to Bob before connecting to the host and see Bob's player record and any player accessible data there. However he wouldn't have access to the Jones player record while connected as Bob (even from a link that was dragged to the quickbar). Because FG only uses the "username" to control ownership of records (players, characters, notes, etc); this is the case for any records or data in FG. As such never store Sensitive Personal Information (SPI) in FG. What is SPI? tax ids, and SSNs should never be stored, collected or even requested (if someone asks you from those to play in their game, laugh and run). Some people argue that full names, birthdays, physical addresses , phone numbers are all "Sensitive". As a result the Player manager will offer spots for a player to edit their "chatsystem" nickname, name, email address and a notes field. What fields the player choose to fill in (or the GM puts in) is between them. v0.19 2020/5/22
    Known Issues
    The sessions tab may place oddly on the character sheet for some rulesets (like hiding part of the "header"). Please let me know if you are having issues with the character sheet in a ruleset.

    found a bug or have an idea?
    Let me know. While i am aiming to solve some game "house keeping" that might be of my own doing, I don't like bugs and my way is not the only way.

    As a developer, no I dont go outside because there are too many bugs.
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    v0.19 2020/05/20 (posted on the 22nd)


    • Players can now edit their chatsystem nickname (labeled as the discord(Voice system) Name), E-mail, and notes. The is also a gm notes field that only the host can view/edit. The GM can edit the players username so if the player changes their name, the record can be updated accordingly.
    • Cleaned up the announcements interfaces
    • Added a new "sessions" tab to character sheet.
    • Added tracking to changes in character ownership on the sessions tab
    • Built the ability to create, edit and delete sessions
    • Sessions are created as public records now.
    • Added start and stop functions for sessions.
    • Wired up "current session" tracking across windows
    • Added drag & drop support for starting sessions
    • Added "auto-end" for sessions when starting a session or closing the desktop
    • Added stack button for player to see their own player record & public sessions

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