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    Quote Originally Posted by Acadia View Post
    Ok so I know I am not crazy. I don't see that link and I did a find on the page and the word zip does not show in that context. weird, right?

    http://i.imgur.com/W1mb9uB.jpg <--what I see
    If you see that view scroll down to the bottom of the page and select the "Full Site" link.
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    This utility is amazing! I recently got FG and am in the process of locating old/new maps (some I had, others spur of the moment searches) and building my campaign database for the sudden tavern fights or random NPC which convinces the party to do a side quest or be destroyed.

    Thank you!!!!

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    Finally got this to work. Was adding the 4x4 squares in a 20'square scale for SKT and the software kept saying error. Had to simply trace over exsisting square without breaking into a 4x4.

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    Just downloaded and tried this app. Brilliant work! The only issue Ive seen is with really large images, but Ive found ways around that already.

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    [QUOTE=darrenan;203318]1. Load image.
    2. Use cursor to draw a 'starter' square, aligned as closely to your grid as possible.
    3. Use the adjustment and arrow buttons to align the red grid as close as possible to your image.
    4. Select output grid size.
    5. Save new image.

    The resulting saved image will be scaled independently horizontally and vertically to produce squares that line up with the red grid you positioned over the image.
    When you then load the image into FG and set the grid, the grid size should exactly match the grid size you selected in step 4.

    Alright I am still confused. I took a Wotc map (Sunless Citadel).
    Loaded it up.
    Drew a starter square. Got it to align closely to that starter square.
    I then saved it to 50 pixel grid.

    When I opened up the modified picture the map and grid seemed unchanged.

    Thanks for any help you suggest.

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    Quote Originally Posted by capt_j_dawson View Post
    Alright I am still confused. I took a Wotc map (Sunless Citadel).
    Loaded it up.
    Drew a starter square. Got it to align closely to that starter square.
    I then saved it to 50 pixel grid.

    When I opened up the modified picture the map and grid seemed unchanged.

    Thanks for any help you suggest.
    The map most likely won't look different in your graphics program. But it's pixel size will be different and if it wasn't square before it should be now.

    The big difference will be when you add the new image to FG and add an FG grid to it the grid won't drift (as much) and the original grid will be square and therfore match the FG grid (better).

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    Pro Tip: always draw the starter square in the top left, and align to the bottom right. This gets it damn near perfect inside FG.

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    LordEntrails, twistedtechmike. Thank you both for taking the time to comment. Now I totally understand and I am getting the results I expected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Overlord View Post
    So 49x49 with an additional 1 pixel grid totaling 50pixels?
    i just found this also, which seems the silliest thing i ever saw. FG only draws the top and left lines of the grid

    line + (grid_size - 1 pixel)

    sure the top and left of any grid will line up, but the human eye can tell on the bottom and right that it isnt.. would either have to make every map with 50 pixels grids have an extra single pixel between the grids so they line up with FG grids. meaning EVERY map ever map has to be remade to use with FG.

    or FG should just draw all four borders of the grid.

    1 pixel + 48 pixels + 1 pixel = 50 pixels

    then you wouldn't scroll down the the bottom of a map and see there is no grid lines at the bottom or right most grid squares.


    sure the outer most border of a "map" will be 1 single pixel, and the inner grid squares will have 2 pixel borders, but it means people actually putting grids on map, will have FG grids line up with the full grid center and people using FG wont have to always guess which way to nudge (NW/SE) when a "map" doesnt extend to the top left with its floor tiles to denote where a built-in grid is to line up.



    oh, i seem to not be able to find a video in the first post... was it taken down so isnt showing in the video tag?

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    I'm going to give this a huge thumbs-up. I was going nuts with some maps that I was exporting from CC3 that were inexplicably coming out at 54.5 pixels to the inch...despite my fidding with export settings (all of which were in whole numbers!). They were thus impossible to align in FG. I put a map through this, and it gave it just the perfect stretch to output it in whole pixels. Result: a perfectly fitted grid.

    (Though if any CC3 experts feel like contacting me to tell me what the hell was going on, said input is more than welcome too...)

    Edit: Even stranger, they were originally coming out at 54.5 by 54.542 pixels. I didn't stand a chance in the world without this little utility...
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