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    Downgrading subscription question

    I'm not sure this is exactly the right place to be asking this question, so please let me know if I should ask somebody different.
    I have had an ultimate subscription for the past year, loved it. However, my piggy bank is low coming up on renewal, and I am probably going to downgrade to the regular GM license and make my players purchase their own player's licenses. Will this affect any of my stored data? Do I need to backup any of the stored characters before I do this? Will I be able to send my players a copy of their current characters that are stored in my computer to use on their players licenses? Just don't want any nasty, irreparable surprises.


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    There is no subscription with Fantasy Grounds. You have paid a one-off fee that will (unless Smiteworks change this in the future) include product upgrades ongoing.

    Also, related to your questions, Smiteworks don't store any of your campaign data on their servers - all of the data you have (campaigns, characters, etc.) are all stored on your local PC and you will always have access to them - even if you started running with a full license rather than an ultimate.
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    License subscription? Huh?

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    instead - get your players to subsidise some of your costs. get them to chip in $10each every now and again to help you offset your costs win/win.

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    Oh, wow. I didn't realize that this wasn't a yearly fee. I guess that shows you how much I value this play format, that I was willing to ante up annually!
    Also, Trenloe, I know that none of the campaign data was stored on the servers, I just wondered if the format of the different subscriptions changed the way data was stored, therefore deleting or corrupting my data. That doesn't even make sense in my tech-stupid brain, but I wanted to be sure.

    Anyway, happy surprise for me! Thanks!

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    Yeah. Tell your friends what sort of deal this is.

    I do all the time .
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    Yeah, its a one time purchase. I have had my ultimate license for a little over 4 years now. I would second damned's recommendations on getting your players to chip in a few bucks here and there, especially for any 3rd party stuff you get as time goes on such as extra rulesets, adventures, tokens, etc.
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