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    Offical change to weapon cord use

    I don't think too many people who play on these forums use weapon cords, but if you do in PFS or general Pathfinder play, the rules concerning them have changed - it is now a move action that doesn't provoke an AoO to retrieve a dropped weapon on a weapon cord.

    Mr Bulmahn comments here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Bulmahn
    ...we have decided to make a change to weapon cords. Within the next few minutes, a new FAQ will go up in the APG and UE FAQ forums. The time required to retrieve a weapon on a weapon cord is being changed from a swift action to a move action. This change allows the weapon cord to be used as it was originally intended (to retrieve a dropped weapon without provoking an AoO, and to prevent you from losing your weapon if panicked). We generally try to avoid making outright rules changes in the FAQ, but in this case we feel it is warranted. This change will be reflected in future printings of those books.
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    sorry about the necromancy, but hah, this actually came up last session

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