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    Quote Originally Posted by Redwulfe View Post
    You could use Items if you wish as well and it should work the same way. Since they are not gong to be implemented in a release they can be organized any way you want. I only said notes cause if I change the way items work the module may not function properly and then you may have to re-enter them.
    An alternative could be cards as images as well.

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    Yes since it has the link you could link that to the name as well if you have the gift card images.

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    Creating GIfts/Disciplines as Items seems to be working well. Though surgery, 3 day's without power and a 5e game all seem to be getting in the way.

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    Thank you for this, but... I have a problem assigning points on skills and disciplines, there is a particular way to do it?

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    Try CTL + the mouse wheel and see if that works.

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    Hi, I have issues with creating characetrs the sheet dont let me put dots

    Hi, I have issues with creating characetrs the sheet dont let me put dots.

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    HI Im trying to get my characters and work a DA campaign but I cant create characters nor modify the dots on the sheet is any video I can watch??

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    Ctrl + scroll wheel to modify the dots. As far as not being able to create a character, where are you hanging up? Can't save? I'm not clear on where the issue is.

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    Or, do you mean that you can create a character normally, but not a DA character?

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    You know V5 have library with everything, clans and stuff basically V5 have a lot of lore and stuff on it. I want to be able to built a lot of things but I dont know how

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