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    Hey all, I thought it might be helpful if characters could be collected into modules, like the pregenerated characters we all know and love from various paper rulesets and modules. However, since the RMC ruleset was not originally based on the CoreRPG ruleset, it does not have the pregencharselect window class or its associated capabilities. I looked at the CoreRPG capability, and while it works, it doesn't provide much in the way of previewing in the selection window.

    I know Dakadin is working on revamping the RMC ruleset to be based on the CoreRPG ruleset, so I thought I would present an interim solution while he is head down and busy on that project. To that end, here is an extension to the RMC ruleset along with a couple of simple test/demonstration modules.

    One thing I would like some help with is learning how to limit the results in the selection window. With one of the modules activated, clicking on the link to pull up the list of pregenerated characters in the module's reference text presents just the characters for that module. With both modules activated, clicking the link in either module presents a selection list including the characters from both modules. While the enclosing XML tags are named the same, the modules are not, and the link "recordname" attribute specifies the module name.

    I remember reading something about presenting data from multiple versus a single module somewhere in the forums over the last several days, but I can't find it again.

    [EDIT] I replaced the original test modules 1 and 2 with version number set to "2.9" instead of "1.0", thinking that might fix the issue based on this document: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/refdoc/
    I also added a 3rd test module to demonstrate that changing the character collection tag from "pregens" to something else, like the campaign tag of "charsheet", alleviates the issue. Idealistically, I think that should be unnecessary.

    [EDIT 2] I realized there was an error in module 3, and it is now corrected.

    [EDIT 3] A little more testing revealed a bug with the player display. the copy button was visible though non-functional for players. A simple fix was to add the <gmvisibleonly /> tag to the button! The new version of the extension has replaced the old version.

    [EDIT 4] I removed the originally posted version of the extension to minimize confusion. The final version can be found here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...cter-Extension
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    Hi Bale Nomad,

    Great job with this. It will be really useful when doing one-shots or when starting a new campaign where you want to provide the PCs.

    I like that the details seem to be available to the players but noticed it generated an error when trying to add the character using localhost. Using localhost also removed the issue with the data from multiple modules.

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    I am still seeing tables from multiple modules simultaneously, both on the host and the client, even when attaching to a game on "localhost". I also am a little confused by what should and should not be visible to players. I created another module with multiple library entries in "db.xml" and only one entry in "common.xml", and they were all visible to the client.

    Thanks for your input. It helped reveal another shortcoming of the extension - players see the copy button, and it doesn't work for them. When a player clicks the button, they get an error message. Going back to examine more code to determine actor type when creating the button.

    Please let me know what I am doing wrong with GM/Player visibility.

    Bale Nomad

    EDIT: The finalized version of the extension and a sample module can be found here: https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...cter-Extension
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakadin View Post
    I like that the details seem to be available to the players
    That was part of my purpose. When i looked at the functionality in the CoreRPG ruleset, I was disappointed with the abbreviated information. There is so much more in the old paper modules regarding the pregenerated characters so the GM and the players could really make a decision about what to choose. It seems logical to me to provide more information up front to speed the process. Isn't that the whole point of pregenerated characters in the first place?

    I am contemplating what more information to add. With RM there is no set list of basic skills beyond the basic demographics. I thought of presenting the 3 highest offensive bonuses, though including descriptions could get unwieldy, as would spell list names or other highly textual information. Candidates that seem reasonable to me might be magic realm, power points, or the number of languages or spell lists known. Any suggestions?

    Bale Nomad

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    Here's a module containing a small collection of 10 1st through 3rd level characters. Most of them were converted from MERP using the Sample World Setting, and the rest were created using the Pre-Generated Adolescent Character sheets in that module. Some of them were simply concepts, and some actually saw some play time. Some of them have a bit of back story, and some don't.

    Since it is a module file, it is easiest to use these characters with the Pre-Generated Character Extension.

    Bale Nomad
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    Hi guys

    I ran a series of one shots recently and created a some low level pre-gens for the players. Since I took the time to create them, I thought I should probably post them here.

    The Ranger is the Revised Ranger from Spell Law II.

    Notes for character development in my campaign
    Background Options
    1) Extra background option tables are available from Rolemaster Companion I Section 4.5
    - Skill at arms (SAA)
    - Skill at magic (SAM)
    2) Spend one (1) background option to roll 1-100 on a table. GM overrule/consultation possible.
    3) Spend two (2) background options to select from a table. GM overrule/consultation possible.

    Optional rules used for character development
    Character Law
    1) Option 5: Monk / Bard Controversy
    2) Option 9: Hobbies (Primary hobby gains 4 ranks. Secondary hobby gains 2 ranks.)
    - NB: Select from the Secondary Skill Table
    3) Option 11.3: Additional Development Points for Secondary Skills
    4) Option 16: Power Point Development

    Spell Law
    1) Option 2.1: Non Random Spell List Acquisition by List Portions
    - NB: Spell rank cost is doubled for Pure and Hybrid spell users
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    And the last couple...

    The half-ogre is from RMC I and the Dabbler is from Spell Law II.
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    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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    I have been away from RM on FG for many years. I am in awe with Dakadin's commitment who has maintained the Ruleset, and ported it over to Core! You're awesome, Dakadin!

    It is with rekindled interest that I am re-familiarizing myself with the Ruleset and came to the forum to seek a few pregen characters. Alas, the characters in this thread seem all made for pre-V2? Are there V2 pregens I could load in the ruleset and dig through their character sheets?

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    Welcome back Lachancery! No, there aren't any pregens at this point but check the videos section. Wolfshield has put together some great videos on how to use the new version.

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    mmm.. I'd forgotten about these. I posted them a while back. Probably should convert them. Just an issue with time.

    Should we create a separate thread for v2 pre-gen characters?
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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