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    Spacemaster Attack and Critical Tables?

    Has anyone worked on getting the Spacemaster attack and critical tables into the Rolemaster Classic ruleset?

    I've switched my Traveller campaign to Spacemaster 2nd Ed. and I'm going to be using the Rolemaster Classic ruleset. It would be awesome if someone had already ported the attack tables and criticals so I won't have to do the work.

    I'm also writing a Spacemaster 2nd Ed. character generation program that will export to the Rolemaster Classic ruleset. I'll release it when it's ready so others can use it. (It's 80% done.)

    After I finish the Spacemaster generator I'll do one for Rolemaster 2nd Ed. (I already have most of the data necessary.) It too will export to Fantasy Grounds.

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    I ran a SpaceMaster game during FG Con last year just to prove that it could be done. I just did the bare minimum to run a 4 hour session and improvised the things I didn't have. Unfortunately, it was put together for RMC v1.3 which was before I started reorganizing the ruleset. The new organization should make these things easier in the long run since I've been trying to pull out the rule specific things.

    One thing that I noticed is the fumble range is associated with the table so fumbles require some manual intervention or would require multiple versions of the attack table. One for each fumble range.

    I'm curious how things turn out for you so please let me know how it goes.

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    I've also run Spacemaster 2nd ed. games over FG using almost nothing but the dice. I'm sure, since Spacemaster 2e has the streamlined tables (compared to 1e) there, it won't be hard to adapt.Mind you I'm not the one doing the adapting
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