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    PFS #06-10 - The Wounded Wisp Sun Apr 29, Noon Central (5pm GMT) [2 seats]

    I am working to start up regular PFS session, held every second Sunday beginning this weekend (Sunday, April 29). We will be starting with scenario #06-10 - The Wounded Wisp and the target audience is primarily new players. I have a Full license for Fantasy Grounds and we have 4 interested players already. Hopefully we can gain 2 more players so that it is easier to ensure a minimum table even if some people are unable to make it. We have a Discord server that will be used for voice chat during the game and an invite will be provided to those that will be joining us.

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    So I canít this weekend but should be able to from then on out what time does game start on west coast of USA? I may be able to get a good portion of game in

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    So I believe this starts at 10 am for me in California. So I should be able to play for 3-3.5 hours before work this week then should be good. So that should be enough to make it through far enough if not complete first episode. How long are your sessions gonna be and what are the other four using for characters? I have an ultimate license and been playing for 3-4 years. I can fill in with most characters and can build one pretty fast. Is it core or normal?

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    That's correct, it would start at 10am Pacific time. We haven't currently played any sessions so it is hard to say how long they are going to be but the target is approximately 4 hours as is suggested by the scenarios. I want to get characters setup in FG ahead of time so we can hopefully get started as quickly as possible on game day, this should help us stay within the allotted time. Currently there are 4 players signed up but, incase any can't make it, I am looking for a couple extras to fill the table or ensure we reach minimum. Most are new players with at most 1-2 sessions played. I believe we have a paladin, hunter, and cleric but I am not sure what the 4th is yet as I am still working on getting that character.

    I am also a pretty new DM just for fair warning so don't expect any Matt Mercer level gaming, but I'll only get better if I run more games.

    The idea will be to start with The Wounded Wisp, then The Confirmation with the character being new recruits then finally official Pathfinders. Then begin on the complete Season 9 story.

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    I'm interested, although I might not play every session, and also not use the same character each time.
    I'm definitely not a new player, so if you prefer newer players, that's ok for me, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Malkavian_Andi View Post
    I'm interested, although I might not play every session, and also not use the same character each time.
    I'm definitely not a new player, so if you prefer newer players, that's ok for me, too.
    Part of the reason for getting a few more people is so that we can hopefully play even if some can not make it. It's unlikely everyone will make every session. We are looking for people who feel they can make the majority of sessions though. Not a new player is fine but a relatively new character would be good, though this may be less of a concern if you are changing characters. We will mostly be progressing through Season 9 scenarios tier by tier.

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    Hey when do you find out what exactly the other character are what domains does the cleric have? And what type of paly is it

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    I wouldnít mind playing a rogue as long as we got a couple front liners. I see one so far with a paly but if we donít get a front liner I can do that too Iíve played a number of different character

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    I wouldn't worry too much about what others are playing.. PFS is built around random groups of who knows what after all.

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    but you always want a somewhat rounded group with skills and abilities

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