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    Looking For Group

    Hi all.

    I know this isn't the place to post this but i didn't want to get lost in the Dumb and Dumber (D&D) LFG listings.
    I haven't played Rolemaster for nearly 20 years and was an avid GM at the time, running home brew campaigns for a group of friends in Melbourne. Now I live in country Victoria, Australia and find myself longing to hit the road to adventure once again. I've played many game systems from GURPS and Champions to Runequest and Traveler. But I have always preferred playing rolemaster, with the exception of running a super heroes game, set in New York Using the Hero Champions rule set.

    So I'm looking for a mature group, I'm 50, to play with that uses Discord and maybe with video cam so we all can see each other. My preferred classes are Mage or, if the GM is using Talent Law, a very specialized Rogue build.

    Anyway hope to here from someone soon. Ill look back here every day and see if anyone wants a player.

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    Wow! All these views and now one playing or looking for people to play the game.
    O well, I'll just have to keep my hopes up.

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    Hello there
    I would also be intrested to play with Fantasy ground system. I have been looking the videos on hosting the game but learning curve is too much for me now. I Prefer RMC /2nd edition and have no experience in RMSS or RMFPR.
    Also looking forward to test RMU when it releases. Time zone in Finland (GMT+3) and i have a job, so it makes some restrictions. I reach lvl 45 in real life campanign and also lack lack few skill ranks in english.

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    HI Juusti

    I managed to get into contact with dunadan, He lives in Western Australia, 2 hours closer to your time zone I'm in discussion with him now so if you contact him through this forum he may be able to help you.

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    Welcome! Hope you find a group to join. Rolemaster is one of my favorites... no game running now though (and the time difference would likely be problematic).
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    Thanks for 8+ years of gaming via FG my friends (AD&D 2e / 3.5e / Rolemaster Classic / Castles & Crusades / Pathfinder / Savage Worlds / 5e).

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    I hesitate mentioning it (being another website and all), but the LFG subreddit does attract a fair number of views. Also for the European players, LFG_Europe. Granted most of them are for 5E and Pathfinder (1e and 2e), but if you use play with your search filters (i.e. "-5e -pf1e -pf2e -pbp -offline"), you'll be surprised at the variety of games people want to play. Just saw a request for a Champions game.... which brings back memories. Saw one not too long ago (~10 m) where someone was looking for a RM game, and they were in Toronto.

    Also the ICERPGS subreddit has a few RM fans on it. Good place to look too.

    Given that the German publisher 13Mann is still publishing RMC, I'd hope there would be a few players closer to your timezone too. Language though.... can't help there. =)

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    Thank you for messages.
    I will look into reddit also.

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    Depending on how many games you wish to play I play a Wednesday game between 8pm and 11pm weekly (Sydney), however it is FRP and not RMC. However I might see you in Dunadan game, if it the same Friday night game. Or is got another one on the side <smile>

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