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    It's a very challenging task actually.

    There was actually a group of developers that made character generation software, virtual tabletop software and other character tools that got together to discuss unusual results of phen375 how to define a way to transfer character data back and forth between the various tools.

    In the end, no progress was made due to the issues. The issues included:
    * Each program tracks a lot of data specific to the way characters are used within that tool. The other tools often do not have data structures to track all the character information, so data would be lost on each transition. (i.e. which level a feat was taken, which skills belong to which class and level, which spells were used last session)
    * There is no way to determine between tools how to unambiguously define whether an object (item, feat, ability, etc.) in one tool was equal to an object in another tool. You are basically making assumptions based on names.
    * What happens when the character has a feat or ability in a tabletop, for which the user does not have the correct data pack in the character generation tool?
    * Each developer would have to spend valuable development time building these translation tools, which did not improve the main functionality of their product.
    * ... and so on


    The best uses for PCGen and HeroLab are to make characters and track/plan movement 'effectively'. You ought to do your changes in accordance with the PCGen character and afterward adding them to your FG Character, and once the Character is at first traded
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackfoot View Post
    To be quite honest, there's no real purpose to this. The best uses for PCGen and HeroLab are to create characters and track/plan progression 'correctly'. You should be doing pilules minceur en france your adjustments to the PCGen character and then adding them to your FG Character, and once the Character is initially exported.. that should be 'it' for the exporting... there are too many little tweaks required in FG once the character is imported for this to be efficient over and over again. Both of these programs (and the converter) are great for building your initial character... and the programs are great for tracking progress and planning your character.. but once your character is in FG.. you are best off to keep them separate. Yes, this means 'dual tracking' but the conversion just isn't perfect enough to do it any other way efficiently.

    You are absolutely right. Once the character is imported there will be a lot of small-small tweaks required so, in my opinion it is best to keep things separate.
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    I dont really care how you get your PC to me. If you can't follow standard format. text is fine. I'll create your charactor for you and produce the result for your future games. Since you will give me carte blanche to mess with you this way, your character will always be accepted. I'll even let you bump other players.

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    Master using one tweak. Do your adjustments to the PCGen character and then add them to your FG Character.This is easy and ready for exporting.
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