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    Seats remaining in #4-01 Rise of the Goblin Guild and #4-23 Rivalry's End

    One seat became available in tomorrow night's game of scenario #4-01 Rise of Goblin Guild. We will be playing tier (level) 1-2. Please check the first message on the game thread for more information about signing up:

    There are also a few seats available for the scenario #4-23 Rivalry's End being played next week, either on Saturday or Monday night, depending on player preference (although it looks like it will be Monday). This is the finale scenario which tells the story how the Shadow Lodge leaves the Pathfinder Society. We will be playing tier 3-4. Please check the first message on the game thread for more information about signing up:

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    Veterans Vault 8pm BST wednesday7/8/2013

    calendar details

    A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for levels 1–5.

    While many Pathfinders meet unfortunate fates in their ongoing explorations of the dangerous world of Golarion, some retire with decades' worth of treasure in their coffers, and their lives still intact. When one such Pathfinder approaches the Grand Lodge with the hidden location of her treasure vault, it falls upon a new generation of Pathfinders to retrieve from within a valuable keepsake. That they can keep anything other than the ex-Pathfinder's locket makes the assignment all the sweeter.

    Its up to Players to decide what tier to play

    sign up is here

    This may be run other two sessions but it appears to be a short sewer crawl so we might finish it in one session,

    This a rescheduled game from last month so some of you are already booked to play. My PC is now running well and I'm itching to get my second star

    this is the forum post for your xml files etc
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    Last chance - last minute - first steps run!

    If you are interested in a last minute PFS game tomorrow (Friday afternoon/evening EDT) then post to Discussion Thread and POLL!!
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    #5-03:The Hellknight's Feast - Game TBC (Aug 22/23/24/25 or 26)

    Kicking off my Season 5 scenarios with this higher level module!

    Game Night to be confirmed between Thurs Aug 22, Fri Aug 23, Sat Aug 24, Sun Aug 25 or Mon Aug 26, starting around 8h30pm (GMT-4)
    Duration: 5 hours
    Fantasy Grounds Licence: Ultimate (No license required)
    Server Alias: firm roll xeno gate
    Chat type: Voice - Teamspeak3 server: (Pwd: Dungeoneers)
    Tiers (level): 5-9 (subtier played based on party)

    War between demons and the civilized peoples of the Inner Sea region has broken out in the Worldwound far to the north of Absalom, but despite the regional implications of an Abyssal victory, many nations are ambivalent toward the cause. The Pathfinder Society, at the urging of Silver Crusade leader Ollysta Zadrian, arranges a formal banquet to be hosted by newlyweds Michellia and Damian Blakros, at which the society's agents can attempt to sway the political opinions of Absalom's movers and shakers. Will the Pathfinders succeed in securing the much-needed military support of Absalom and other nations bordering the Inner Sea, or will the crusaders and Pathfinders fighting on the front lines in Mendev find themselves standing alone before the demonic hordes?

    To join:
    1. Sign up here: *** Please vote which nights you are available ***
    2. post your PC's Fantasy Grounds XML and a copy of your last PFS chronicle sheet here:
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    Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–01: The Glass River Rescue (PFRPG) Wed, Aug 28th
    08:00 PM BST

    A Pathfinder Society Scenario for characters of 1st to 5th level (Tier 1–5).

    A Pathfinder leading a diplomatic envoy from the dwarven holds of the Five Kings Mountains has gone missing, and the balance of power in a time of war hangs on her rescue. The Pathfinder Society's divinations indicate the agent was waylaid in the theocratic nation of Razmiran, when one of her escorted diplomats failed to pay a requested tithe. Now it falls to the party to enter Razmiran, locate the missing Pathfinder and the dwarven diplomats, and escape with their lives.

    calendar link

    to be run over two sessions on consecquitive wednesdays

    discuss here plus please post your xml chronicle sheets and inventory sheets!

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    Seats still available in season 5 games!

    #5-03 The Hellknight's Feast (tier 5-9) on Sunday August 25th 8:30pm EDT (GMT-4)

    #5-01 The Glass River Rescue (tier 1-5) on Friday August 30th 9pm EDT (GMT-4)

    (Click on link to see the game announcement post for each game)

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    Scenario Preparation Workshop

    Not a game exactly but I thought it'd be good to post here, please reply on the following thread if you are interested.

    Sign up here:
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    #3-05: Tide of Twilight: Sunday 25th August 6.00pm BST London time

    A Pathfinder Society Scenario designed for Levels 1–5

    In researching a recently recovered druidic lorestone, the Pathfinder Society learns of a powerful artifact with the power to turn men into bestial abominations. Amid claims of increased werewolf activity in the region, the PCs travel into the heart of the Verduran Forest to retrieve the valuable relic from a cabal of evil druids believed to currently hold it.

    Written by Ron Lundeen.

    Please visit this thread for details
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    # 35 Voice In The Void - Thursday September 5th 7pm PDT (GMT -8)

    Checking to see if there is any interest in this older scenario. I am set up to run in all three tiers, depending on who shows up. This will be my first attempt at running a game through FG so be kind.

    Levels 1-7 (Tiers 1-2, 3-4 and 6-7)

    Information and game discussion thread:


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    PFS Sanctioned Module: Fangwood Keep. Alternate Fridays 8.00pm BST

    Fangwood Keep

    Claim the Castle!

    Fangwood Keep has changed hands innumerable times since its founding decades ago on the border between the warring nations of Molthune and Nirmathas. Over the years, both countries have sacrificed money and soldiers in an effort to control the fortress along the Marideth River valley, both for its tactical location and for its secure defenses. Recently, however, the battles around Fangwood Keep have dwindled to a trickle as Nirmathas has firmly rooted itself in the surrounding valley, allowing the tide of war to shift elsewhere and peace to settle at last over Fangwood Keep.

    This respite was shattered by the arrival of a renegade Molthuni commander named Pavo Vos. Obsessed with capturing Fangwood Keep and unraveling the fortress’s mysteries, the defecting lieutenant unlawfully used his platoon to secure the castle, much to the ire of both the Molthuni and Nirmathi governments. Now the task of bringing Vos to justice and reclaiming Fangwood Keep for Nirmathas lies solely in the PCs’ able hands.

    "Fangwood Keep" is an adventure of infiltration, investigation, and dungeon exploration for 4th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and compatible with the 3.5 edition of the world’s oldest RPG. This volume also contains a gazetteer of the Marideth River valley and a brand-new monster from the bizarre realm of the fey, both of which can easily be integrated into any campaign setting.

    Character levels: 3-5
    Alternate Fridays starting Friday 13th September

    If you are interested, please visit the forum thread
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