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    I want my walk in the park to include being chased by some form of monster. A walk in the jurassic park.
    Who let Spielberg in on the thread?

    The one thing I wish is if they would ask what people *really* want, rather than dictating what people should *have*. Even Basic D&D in the old red-box edition served a purpose: to introduce you to AD&D which you would hopefully pick up. if you didn't, oh well, it was an independent line anyway. I just don't like the system bloat that seems to get bigger with each successive product. I even (aside from the PDFs that I can consult, if need be) prefer to play Pathfinder with the two core books, the Player's Guide and the Beastiary. Savage Worlds requires one book and a setting, in which the setting you can buy or not. And I remembering advancing quite far in pre D20 games. Dinosaurs and all.
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    Aliens.... Go fig?

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