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    Name: Kerem
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Deva Avenger

    Weapons and Armor: Greatsword, crossbow, cloth armor
    Background and Benefit: Deva - Forgotten Lifetime, +2 to Endurance
    Trained Skills: Athletics, Intimidate, Religion, Streetwise
    Feats: Toughness
    Powers, At Will: Bond of retribution, Overwhelming Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Avenging Echo, Memory of a Thouseand Lifetimes, Oath of Enmity
    Powers, Daily: Thunder and Echo
    Rituals: n/a
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    Name: Ilikan
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Goliath Warden

    Weapons and Armor: Greatsword, crossbow, hide armor
    Background and Benefit: Goliath - Lightlost, +2 to Athletics
    Trained Skills: Athletics, Heal, Nature, Perception,
    Feats: Crushing Earthstrength
    Powers, At Will: Earth Shield Strike, Strength of Stone, Warden's Fury, Warden's Grasp
    Powers, Encounter: Form of teh Willow Sentinel, Stone's Endurance, Thunder Ram Assault
    Powers, Daily: Form of the Willow Sentinel
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Alvyn
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Gnome Bard

    Weapons and Armor: Short sword, crossbow, chainmail armor
    Background and Benefit: Urban Gnome, +2 to Diplomacy
    Trained Skills: Arcana, Athletics, Diplomacy, Intimidate, Perception
    Feats: Ritual Caster, Strength of Valor
    Powers, At Will: Guiding Strike, War Song Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Fade Away, Ghost Sound, Majectic Word, Shout of Triumph, Words of Friendship
    Powers, Daily: Slayer's Song
    Rituals: Glib Limerick, Brew Potion

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    Name: Gnarsh
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Half-orc Barbarian

    Weapons and Armor: Greataxe, hide armor
    Background and Benefit: Half-orc - Orc Birth, 2+ to Athletics
    Trained Skills: Athletics, Intimidate, Perception
    Feats: Rising Fury
    Powers, At Will: Howling Strike, Pressing Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Furious Assault, Roar of Triumph, Vault the Fallen
    Powers, Daily: Macetail's Rage
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Thorn
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Shifter Druid

    Weapons and Armor: hide armor
    Background and Benefit: Shifter - Persecution, +2 to Stealth
    Trained Skills: Arcana, Athletics, Nature, Perception
    Feats: Ritual Caster, Primal Fury
    Powers, At Will: Flame Seed, Pounce, Savage rend, Wild Shape
    Powers, Encounter: Darting Bite, Razorcloaw Shifting
    Powers, Daily: Savage Frenzy
    Rituals: Brew Potion

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    Name: Shrakk
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Githzerai Monk

    Weapons and Armor: sling, cloth armor
    Background and Benefit: Githzerai - War Band Survivor, +2 to Perception
    Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, Perception
    Feats: Improved Monk Unarmed Strike
    Powers, At Will: Crane's Wing, Dragon's Tail
    Powers, Encounter: Awaken the Slumbering Hurt
    Powers, Daily: Spinning Leopard Maneuver
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Esteru
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Minotaur Barbarian

    Weapons and Armor: Greataxe, dagger, hide armor
    Background and Benefit: Minotaur - Baphomet Clan Exile, +2 to Stealth
    Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Perception
    Feats: Weapon Expertise (Axe)
    Powers, At Will: Devastating Strike, Recuperating Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Avalanche Strike, Goring Charge, Swift Charge
    Powers, Daily: Bloodhunt Rage
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Zakiti
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Shardmind Psion

    Weapons and Armor: Cloth armor
    Background and Benefit: Shardmind - God Shard, +2 to History
    Trained Skills: Arcana, Dungeoneering, Insight, Perception
    Feats: Ritual Caster, Controlling Advantage
    Powers, At Will: Force Punch, Kinetic Trawl
    Powers, Encounter: Far Hand, Forceful Push, Shard Swarm
    Powers, Daily: Telekinetic Anchor
    Rituals: Brew Potion, (level 6: Sending)

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    You can now upload the raw XML file instead of having to zip it up first. That should make it a little easier for people to use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mellock View Post
    Here we go...

    Name: Heskan
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Dragonborn Fighter

    Weapons and Armor: Greatsword, scale armor
    Background and Benefit: Rare Egg, +2 to Religion
    Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate
    Feats: Power Attack
    Powers, At Will: Cleave, Reaping Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Spinning Sweep
    Powers, Daily: Brute Strike
    Rituals: n/a
    Very strange. I had a character in my D&D 4e campaign with this exact name, race/class, and powers at about the same time this was posted.

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