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    4E Character Repository

    I thought it would be nice to have people export their PC characters from campaigns and post them up here for other GMs to use. Please give a little background about the character and see the instructions below. This should be the same as for the 3.5E thread, but I wanted to keep the characters under their respective forums.

    Instructions for Exporting:
    To export a character, type:
    /exportchar Bob

    Give the XML file a name and then create a post with the information listed below and then attach to your post.

    Instructions for importing:
    Download the attachment. If it is zipped, you must unzip to a folder wherever you like first.
    Inside your 4E campaign, type:
    browse to Bob.xml (or whatever the name) and select it.

    Information to include in your Post : (example)
    Name: Bob Skullcrusher
    Race: Dwarf
    Class: Bar3/Fig6
    Alignment: LG
    Description: Bob is a barbarian fighter specializing in a dual hammer fighting style. He wears half plate armor.
    XML file: Box.xml

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    I have a few characters ready, but .xml is not a valid attachment filetype. Would you like to allow .xml filetypes, or should we create .zip files / rename the extensions?

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    Here we go...

    Name: Heskan
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Dragonborn Fighter

    Weapons and Armor: Greatsword, scale armor
    Background and Benefit: Rare Egg, +2 to Religion
    Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate
    Feats: Power Attack
    Powers, At Will: Cleave, Reaping Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Spinning Sweep
    Powers, Daily: Brute Strike
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Corrin
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Halfling Rogue

    Weapons and Armor: Dagger, hand crossbow, leather armor
    Background and Benefit: Halfing - Banned, +2 to Stealth
    Trained Skills: Acrobatics, Bluff, Insight, Perception, Stealth, Thievery
    Feats: Backstabber
    Powers, At Will: Deft Strike, Sly Flourish
    Powers, Encounter: Positioning Strike
    Powers, Daily: Trick Strike
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Thorfin
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Dwarf Cleric

    Weapons and Armor: Warhammer, throwing hammer, chainmail
    Background and Benefit: Birth - Prophesy, +2 to Religion
    Trained Skills: Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, Religion
    Feats: Skill FOcus: Heal
    Powers, At Will: Lance of Faith, Sacred Flame
    Powers, Encounter: Healing Strike
    Powers, Daily: Beacon of Hope
    Rituals: Gentle Repose, Silence

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    Name: Arannis
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Eladrin Wizard

    Weapons and Armor: Staff (implement), cloth armor
    Background and Benefit: Eladrin - Estranged Fey, +2 to Nature
    Trained Skills: Aracana, Diplomacy, Dungeoneering, Nature
    Feats: Improved Initiative
    Powers, At Will: Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Magic Missile, Prestidigitation, Scorching Burst
    Powers, Encounter: Burning Hands
    Powers, Daily: Acid Arrow, Sleep
    Rituals: Brew Potion, Comprehend Language, Tenser's FLoating Disc

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    Name: Varis
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Elf Ranger

    Weapons and Armor: Longbow, longsword, hide armor
    Background and Benefit: Geography - Forest, +2 to Nature
    Trained Skills: Endurance, Heal, Nature, Perception, Stealth
    Feats: Lethal Hunter
    Powers, At Will: Careful Attack
    Powers, Encounter: Nimble Strike
    Powers, Daily: Split the Tree
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Morthos
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Tiefling Warlock

    Weapons and Armor: Dagger, leather armor
    Background and Benefit: Tiefling - Infernal Nightmares, +2 to Bluff
    Trained Skills: Bluff, Insight, Intimidate, Streetwise
    Feats: Hellfire Blood
    Powers, At Will: Dire radiance, Eldritch Blast
    Powers, Encounter: Infernal Wrath, Vampiric Embrace
    Powers, Daily: Flames of Phlegethos
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Gennal
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Half-elf Paladin

    Weapons and Armor: Longsword, dagger, heavy shield, plate armor
    Background and Benefit: Occupation - Military, +2 to Endurance
    Trained Skills: Endurance, Heal, Intimidate, Religion
    Feats: Human Perseverance
    Powers, At Will: Divine Challenge, Holy Strike, Lay on Hands, Valiant Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Radiant Strike, Reaping Strike
    Powers, Daily: Paladin's Judgement
    Rituals: n/a

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    Name: Marius
    Level: 1
    Race/Class: Human Warlord

    Weapons and Armor: Longword, dagger, light shield, chainmail
    Background and Benefit: Society - Noble, +2 to Diplomacy
    Trained Skills: Athletics, Diplomacy, Heal, History, Intimidate
    Feats: Human Perseverance, Toughness
    Powers, At Will: Commander's Strike, Furious Smash, Viper's Strike
    Powers, Encounter: Guarding Attack, Inspiring Word
    Powers, Daily: Bastion of Defense
    Rituals: n/a

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