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    Character Effects Template?

    I was thinking about creating a basic character sheet with all the racial effects, for all races, added along with the effects for combat maneuvers. Then, after I import my characters, I can drag all the applicable actions from the basic character sheet. That should save me some time from having to recreate them all the time.

    Do you guys do the same thing or maybe there is a better way?
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    Ive done something similar before but less organised!

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    I'm surprised nobody has posted any characters in 7 years! Let's get this stickied thread going again!

    Name: Zix Falmosnak
    Race: Gnome
    Class: Bard (Detective) 3
    Alignment: LN
    Description: Zix, the son of famed opera singer Exie Falmosnak, is a lawyer and professional orator from Karcau in North-Eastern Ustalav. After a childhood close call while exploring the city's canals, he developed hydrophobia which led to eccentric behaviors in traversing the canal-strewn city. While he lacks specialist knowledge, he is talented at finding out the truth through social and hands-on investigation. Growing up surrounded by the city's many talented musicians left him with a deep appreciation of song, although he gave up on achieving any noticable level of skill and secretly resents those who can sing well. As with many gnomes, he has an appreciation of hats and fanciful garb. He has a sister named Wig Azo with whom he has a strained relationship.

    I only have his Level 2 XML right now, so I'll update with level 3 later when I can get it from my friend. (don't worry about the sheet's name being Quentin, he has amnesia right now and didn't know his name yet at level 2).
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