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    Applying XP

    I think I'm dense. How do I use the apply XP function in the awards portion of the Party Sheet for Pathfinder? I dropped the encounters in the lower left hand corner and keep hitting the award button but it's not working.

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    Make sure all your characters are in the party sheet before pressing the award button. If you already attempted to award XP and it did not take, FG will mark all the encounters as awarded and any further attempts to award XP will fail. Untick all the awarded encounters and once the PCs are in the party sheet, try awarding the CP again.
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    OK, I still can't get it to work. Is there a step-by-step tutorial for awarding XP to the PCs? This is what I've done:

    1) added PCs to the Party Sheet. Insured they have a "target" XP value in the sheet (I'm using fast progression so I stuck in 1300 XP for going from 1 to 2).

    2) dropped and dragged appropriate encounter into the Encounters box.

    3) clicked award xp

    4) hit the award button

    5) right-click award

    Results: Nada, nothing, no change...

    Even tried adding a manual Encounter entry - nothing...

    I can do the math manually but I really wanted to depend on the tool for one less thing I'd have to think about...

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    Oh, that makes sense (now). Thank you.

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