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    I figured it out - in the original instructions it said to replace "Arms" with "Spells" - turns out that should be "Spell" instead. This is why I couldn't get the sample to function after load either. Ha! I made so many changes, now...I'll have to go back and test the original one to see if that was the only problem. Anyway, thanks for the confirmation that it should work.

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    Great job figuring it out. I will double check the "Spells" vs "Spell" to see which it should be and update the original post in a couple days. Thanks for pointing that out.

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    OK. so i figured out how to load the xml file.. how to zip.. how to mod.. and it shows up in the list of modules. BUT.. it does not show up in the library.. or the list of tables... or when i click the Rolemaster Tables button top right.

    i assume i have hosed something up. once you create the module. where is it supposed to actually appear once it is activated in the 'Data Module Activation' window? it seems like it would show up as one of the possible critical tables but i don't actually see it mentioned. Where is that actually encoded in the XML language?

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    They should show up in the Rolemaster Tables section. If not it can be for a few different reasons. One of the most common is the Zip file contains a folder within it that has the definition.xml file instead of in the root folder. The definition.xml file needs to be at the root of the Zip file.

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    db, definition files

    <beats head against wall>

    can someone take a quick look and see what i am missing here.

    it doesn't seem like it should be this hard.
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    Hi Steff,

    I found a couple things in the db.xml file. The <Tables static="true"> needs to change to <RMTables static="true> and the </Tables> needs to change to </RMTables>. This is because CoreRPG is using <Tables> so I needed to adjust it in the RMC ruleset so the RM tables could still work. I also change the <Class type="string">Spells Criticals</Class> to <Class type="string">Spell Criticals</Class> so it would show up in the Criticals - Spell Law section. Attached is the corrected db.xml file. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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    I also updated the first post to use <RMTables> instead of <Tables> and updated the sample file with those changes. This is likely why you were experiencing the issues, Steff. Sorry about that.

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