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    Yeah the Bleeding effect is the damage per round effect. The number is the amount of hits per round.

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    Hey Dakadin,
    I'm making a subdual crit table and before I go much further, have a question. For the sake of speed, can I put all of the crit variables under each entry and leave the values empty, then fill in what is needed and leave empty what is not?
    For example.

    If the crit calls for stun 3 rounds, +2 hits

    <Hits type="number">2</Hits>
    <MustParry type="number"></MustParry>
    <Stun type="number">3</Stun>
    <ParryPenalty type="number"></ParryPenalty>
    <NoParry type="number"></NoParry>
    <Penalty type="number"></Penalty>
    <PenaltyRounds type="number"></PenaltyRounds>
    <Bleeding type="number"></Bleeding>

    I was thinking this way I could paste the whole thing to each critical result section rapidly, then just fill in what is required. Or would that bloat the code?

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    Hi Mansquatch62,

    You can do that to make it easier but I would remove the blanks afterwards. The extra entries will use more memory and take longer to process. Plus I am not sure how the ruleset will handle the blank values since I haven't tested it.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.


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