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    Hi alloowishus,

    Does the module show up when you go to the Modules section within FG to activate it? If not then it might have zipped it into a folder within the zip. The files need to be at the root of the zip and not in a folder within the zip.


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    I zipped the base files from the RMCExample.zip file. I did not zip a folder. I can't see it when I load modules, even when I exit and go back in.

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    Zip programs like to put things in a folder within the zip so check if you unzip it that it doesn't have a folder within the zip. You should see the definition.xml and db.xml files at the root. If it still doesn't show up then send me a private message and I can take a look at the file to see what might be happening.

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    Ok I figure out my problem, there was a type in one of the xml files, it now shows up under modules. Now if I load it, where should I look for it? Thanks.
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    Did you rename the file to .mod instead of .zip?

    When I do that, it shows up in the Module Activation Window:

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    In addition to changing the file extension to .mod, you will want to change this
    			<Class type="string">Acid Criticals</Class>
    			<Class type="string">Spell Criticals</Class>
    if you want it to show up in the Criticals - Spell Law section.

    If you want them in there own section then you need to add a Sublists to the XML file with like this
    			<ListTitle type="string">Criticals - Spell Law</ListTitle>
    			<TableType type="string">Result</TableType>
    			<TableClass type="string">Spell Criticals</TableClass>
    The ListTitle and TableClass can be changed to what you want them to be. The ListTitle will be the section it shows up in for the RM Tables. The TableClass needs to match your critical table's Class so it can figure out what section to put it in. Please let me know if you have any questions.


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    Hi all - I'm trying to add the Sparring Crit table from RM Companion VII. There are lots of random duration penalties. I tried to do something like:

    <PenaltyRounds type="number">[10D10]</PenaltyRounds>

    But that doesn't seem to work. Is there a way to get a random number of rounds result?


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    Unfortunately, no there isn't. When the critical tables were setup, it was only using the core critical tables and not some of the new ones in the Rolemaster Companions. I will add it to my list to add.

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    OK, thanks - not a big deal to do manually since this kind of combat is one on one.

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