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    curiosity, is there code for 'foe loses initiative for X rounds'?

    also, if i add the line <Text type="string"> you lose initiative</Text> in the effects section, does that add that line into the combat tracker when the result is drug over there or does that not do anything?
    There isn't any code yet for loses or gains initiative at this point. The main issue is RM doesn't really define what that means so every GM will interpret it differently. I would love to hear a few perspectives on how it is used in people's games though so I can see if there is anyway I can provide some options and add it as automation in the ruleset.

    You can try using this in your critical table definition and it should drag over the text so you can keep track of it:
    <Effect type="string">Loses initiative</Effect>

    I haven't tested it but should show up in the combat tracker as an effect. Then you would just need to adjust the duration if it is for more than one round.

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    Another poster suggested 'INIT:-200' where i assume the 200 represents one round of initiative.

    i'm not sure how the software keeps track of actual initiative. Does it utilize a timer of sorts where you can subtract a number from the timer and it simply moves on to the next person?

    if true and -200 equals the loss of a round then i would just put in the duration (in rounds) after the effect is populated on the combat tracker, unless of course there is a way to code the number of rounds (duration) of the effect.

    just curious since i am not familiar with the mechanics of the software.

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    deleted original post because i answered my own question.
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    For anyone else reading, INIT: -200 simply applies a modifier of -200 to whatever you roll for initiative, pretty well guaranteeing you're going at the end of the round.

    I've switched to Open Ended Up & Down initiative rolls, so the same 3 people don't always go 1st, and the same 3 people don't always go last... you can get some pretty high or low initiative rolls under this scheme which I personally like.
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    Ooooh.. that makes sense.

    Thanks for the assistance.

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