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    fantasygrouns unity rolemaster maps

    hello i cant dowloads maps for rolemaster need help please

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    Exactly where are you having trouble downloading from? What trouble are you having? Are you receiving errors? Can you provide screen shots of what you are trying to do and what's not working?

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    Is there a tutorial on character creation? I am having a problem figuring out how to transfer body dev points to hit points.

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    I seem to recall a PDF in the Rolemaster section of the forums.
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    I will be moving this post to the Rolemaster Classic forums for better viability with that community.
    How to provide an Unity Connection issue?-Connection Issues and What to Provide

    Unity Updater issue?-Updater Issues

    Classic and Unity Port Forwarding?-Fantasy Grounds Connections Explained

    Comcast or Cox ISP User?-Comcast XFinity and Cox Users

    Have a suggestion?-Idea Informer

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    The Sticky "RMC Ruleset Documenation" might be of some use.

    Also, the ruleset has an "updated" document in the 'docs' folder. It's still ancient (April of 2013), but the newest one available.

    Lastly, I've heard rumor of an effort to get the ruleset documentation in the standard FG Wiki. As with everything, I'm sure that will take a little time (creation, reviews, editing, approvals, posting).


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