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    Thx Zacchaeus. I'll take a look again later. I spent most of my day off tooling around in FG excitedly and am tired of staring at my computer screen. I hope that's the case and/or I missed something.

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    Using the HL converter with the latest version of HeroLab and the latest version of FG. I am trying to import to Local (My Managed Characters). I have purchased the PFRPG ruleset (and still have the old free modules). Both are opened in Manage Characters.

    When I import this character, the abilities tab in FG are empty - entries seem to be created, but no text is imported and the spell book is empty as well. This used to work when I used the HL converter last year. Am I doing something wrong?


    Here is the HL .hlfg files as well.
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    Bumping this thread! I have a similar question to Lachancery in this post.

    Importing a spellcaster (Wizard) from Hero Lab - none of the prepared spells or actions are coming over, only the very basics of a Wizard. Do spells not get transferred with Hero Lab? I have all the pathfinder core material.

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    If you post your HL character file (not output file), perhaps I or someone else can take a look at it.


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    Not so much a HL error, but I just got this on an import. The info in that spell description is too long and the last of 4 words get wrapped around on top of the first few words.

    **edit** Did some more digging on this one. When HL exports a character with spells it only exports the full description, the FG character converter uses that full description for <shortdescription> tag in the XML that gets produced.
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    Since there was a question in the community discord about the issues a few people were having with their spell lists not being imported properly, I have figured out the issue. From what I have noticed, the issue only comes into play when the PC has a spell casting class with an archetype. When Hero Lab exports the data into an HLFG file, Hero Lab changes the class name from Class to Class (Archetype). When the converter goes to add the spells, it uses the default spell libraries to locate the spells for whatever class Hero Lab supplied. So instead of looking for Class in the default spell modules, it is now looking for Class (Archetype). Since there are no Class (Archetype) spells located in the spell modules, it will fail to find anything and cause the spell list to be completely empty.

    The fix is pretty simple, but it does require the use of a text editor to correct. There are only two lines that need to be changed in the HLFG file for the importer to correctly work. Using the example from Discord, the first line that needs to be changed is:

    <class name="Cleric (Crusader)" level="13" spells="Memorized" casterlevel="13" concentrationcheck="+18" overcomespellresistance="+13" basespelldc="15" castersource="Divine"></class>
    The code needs to be changed to this:

    <class name="Cleric" level="13" spells="Memorized" casterlevel="13" concentrationcheck="+18" overcomespellresistance="+13" basespelldc="15" castersource="Divine"></class>
    The second line which needs correcting is further down in the file. The line that needs to be changed is:

    <spellclass name="Cleric (Crusader)" maxspelllevel="6" spells="Memorized">
    And it needs to be change to:

    <spellclass name="Cleric" maxspelllevel="6" spells="Memorized">
    Just by dropping the archetypes from those two lines will allow the converter to properly convert the character's spell lists. Granted, I haven't tested this with other spell class archetypes, but I am assuming the same fix would work for them as well. Hope this information helps.
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