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    Good free fantasy sound effects for D&D

    OK, I managed to get Ventrillo to stream mp3's etc. to my players vents (not the greatest quality but free, maybe there is something better) but now I need to get a good collection of sound effects and background music to play when traveling or in dungeons etc. I would like sound effects but also a continuous background dungeon track going on while in dungeons or nature while in the woods etc. I know I saw some post on this somewhere but I can't find it again. Where do you guys get your stuff? Wish FG2 could do the sounds but I saw in the posts that's not an option.

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    There's a great collection of loops, sound bytes and other audio cues over at Sirenscape.
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    Thanks! Though that seems more like a program you need to run to play the sounds. I did find these two sites that gave me some good background/ambient sounds:

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