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    Lightbulb Classic Style D&D Map Symbol Tile Packs

    Hey All, I should have remembered to post a cross link earlier. For those of you who may have missed the updates in the 4E section I have recently been on a foray in to retro mapping for D&D.

    For those playing earlier editions of D&D, you may find these useful:

    D&D Classic Style Map Symbols (Blue / Black)

    D&D Classic Style Hex Map Symbols (Colour / Black & White)

    You can downloads the tile packs from my website under the FGII Miscellaneous section for use in your own paint/cartography software or you will shortly be able to make use of them in Pyro's excellent Flash based tile map editor over at
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    *sqeeee!* I love the old style blue and hex maps. They always seemed more fun to me.
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    Are these classic symbols still available somewhere? I'd love to get a hold of them!

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