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    New attack and critical tables

    I was just wondering if anyone has moded the attack and crit tables successfully. I added a new attack and crit table (and named them CT-13 and CLT-14 in db.xml) and linked them to each other in db.xml. But when I load it in an actual instance of FG, all of the Arms Law attack tables are greyed out (inaccessible).

    Do I have to mod some other file to let it now that I've added a new weapon and crit table, or is there an easier way to do this?
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    If anyone has done this successfully and can tell me how, I'd be more than willing to share any new crit tables as I complete them. I'm going to add in the Acid, Nerve Strikes, Locking Holds, Explosion, and Internal Disruption Crits. I've already completed a combined Martial Arts Strikes/Cold critical table (for a martial arts style called Snow Dragon) but can't figure out how to get FG to recognize the mod.

    Maybe if we can get someone who knows how to have FG recognize the mods, we can pool crit tables that we throw together individually.

    Please post here if you have added in new crit tables and/or if you know how to have FG recognize the mod!


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    Hi, saw your post and had never tried to create a new crit table. Was inspired to try and found the following post with instructions on how to do so.

    Have started adding a new Spell crit table and have had no issues (did need to update the <tables> to be <RMtables> due to use of RM 2.0 extension).

    Am having no issue as you described above accessing the old crit tables once I load my new (partially created) Spell crit table.

    Are you sure you have correctly loaded the Arms Law module?
    Also, suggest you check your XML to make sure your coding matches the above link which has a template for new table that you can download.

    Updated: finished the new critical table and it worked perfectly. Used the samples and template from link above.
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