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    Trinity Universe ruleset?

    Hey all,

    I just bought FG2, hoping that it would allow me to run one of my favorite pen and paper games, AEON: Trinity by White Wolf, with friends online. However, I've been doing some searching the forums, both manually and with the search tool, and I have yet to find any mention of the Trinity Universe ruleset. The Trinity Universe includes three games: AEON (renamed Trinity to avoid an infringement lawsuit), Aberrant, and Adventure!. The game I'm particularly interested in went out of print in 2001 but has now resurfaced on, with all of the books in PDF format for reasonable prices. I'd like to start a game using FG2, but I'm not sure where to start. If I'm not mistaken, the mechanics are very similar to WoD games, but because I haven't played Mage/Vampire/Werewolf/etc. myself, I don't know the particulars. So, my basic questions are: 1) Does a Trinity Universe ruleset exist somewhere not on the FGwiki or is one at least under construction by someone in the community? 2) For anyone who is familiar with both WoD and Trinity, are the rulesets similar enough that I could adapt the current version of the nWoD ruleset, and if so, how difficult would that be? 3) If no sufficiently similar ruleset is available, what's the most functionality I could hope to get if I wanted to run this game through FG2, i.e. would I be able to do anything useful besides roll dice and type in chat? I would really appreciate any help you can give. Thanks!

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    I've noticed it as well. The nWod ruleset would probably not work as well as finding the V20 version. There's a good version on here, but I've noticed not a lot of WoD stuff in general. Aberrant/Trinity/Adventure set the base difficulty at 7 (which I think is one lower than nWod, but can't remember exactly). Most of the powers worked by combining the power plus either Quantum score or an attribute. Mega Attributes might be require some actual creation though. Good luck. Post in here if you end up making anything or finding it. Would love to be able to run Aberrant online.

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    If you explain the core mechanics in proper detail Im sure that could be run with MoreCore.

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    I'd love to see an Aberrant ruleset, as one of my more favored campaigns uses that system as a baseline (not the lore). Geez this thread is old.

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