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Thread: Some of my maps

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    *scoff* fantasy characters don't go to the loo. Good catch. i planned a well in the left corner of the inn, which is why there is a cut out there, plus one in the back of the inn's entry yard.

    Good call on the dirt floor, i'll try to do something that doesn't look like a huge patch of brown. As for hay... i shall try. I'm trying to avoid pulling anything from the net as I want to scratch build all of it. That way I can claim full credit/blame for the work.

    Good critique, thx

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    My party just finished the next level of my dungeon, so i shall post it here. This one is basically a decrepit residential level. there are four large apartments with multiple rooms and service hallways. Oh, and of course the floors have fallen out in many areas revealing machine works below that spell certain doom (or at least inconvenient amounts of damage) should you fall.

    I handled the lighting with a single layer of black set at 30% transparency and using a soft eraser to light certain spots.
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    some really great ideas. for some reason I get thoughts of silent hill with the machine stuff.
    looks great!

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