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    Sorry. I missed this thread update somehow but that is a great idea. I've got a large queue of items to get through for new product releases and store updates but I'll add this onto the list. The unofficial ones work too though.

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    I like the first two banners.

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    I will certainly use the first one,I like it very much!

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    For what its worth I've add the big banner to my FG Page on my Website


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    I added two new animated banners for people to use on their websites, blogs, etc.

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    Small typo in the tall banner. It's Savage Worlds, not Savage World.
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    Good catch. I better fix that.

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    Congratulations on the team up with D&D guys!!! I'm really impressed by and happy for you guys and it's also really good for D&D. Take it all the way Fantasy Grounds!!!! Yeah!

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    Any chance of getting one specifically for 5e
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    Looking to DM- considering doing some AL stuff in FG

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    I will be sure to add on of the banners to my signatures. Maybe I can find people who play something other than D&D to bring over to fantasy grounds.

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