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    Hmmm... It should have included the armor fix. Can you confirm that the file you downloaded from the link reads BRPInstaller-1.0.410.msi and not BRPInstaller-1.0.406.msi?

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    Ah looks as if I got the wrong file from the download link in the original letter.... I got 1.0.406. Strange.

    That is what I get for being an early adapter and hammering the link of the old letter even before finishing the first letter.

    Re-downloaded from the same link and got 1.0.410 this time.

    - Obe
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    Sorry for the confusion. I wonder if it cached it as well.

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    Exclamation Preference Bug Fix

    As part of the testing for FG 2.7, a bug was spotted in the preferences sheet for the BRP ruleset. It will be swept up in the next release, but in the meantime here is a replacement file.

    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Bring Out Your Dead!

    At the risk of inviting flames of wrath, I'd be interested to know if there are any unresolved bugs with this ruleset. There was talk a few weeks ago of some issues, but it has gone a bit dead. I'd like to track down and kill any remaining problems.

    Of course, steps to recreate any problems would be pretty darn helpful.


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    I have the occasional crash/player drop/issue, however nothing that I could report on as a recurring problem.

    Not a bug, however it would be nice to be able to reduce your dex rank in the combat tracker, without actually reducing your dex (on the character sheet).

    Previously: MurghBpurn

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    Is this ruleset still being developed?

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    Reviving this old topic - is this rules set done, or will there be continued updates/fixes?

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    I use this ruleset almost exclusively for FG these days and can report that it is solid and bug free. That being said, I get the sense from posts elsewhere that Stuart is busy with non-gaming life ATM.

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    Thank you kairos,

    That is good as I am considering a campain idea for it. I bought the BRP rules set, but haven't really used it yet. Now's the time I think...

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