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    Yea I agree with you. I love me some SW but have been wanting to try D&D 4E as well.

    Hopefully I be part of whatever you decide.

    Have you tried posting on the Official Pinnacle Message Boards? Its how i originally heard about FG a few years ago was someone was going to run an online game of SW.

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    Quote Originally Posted by middlemonster
    I am really wishing there was a place that had more players interested in Savage Worlds. Maybe its because I put friday in the title.

    Maybe I should just run DnD 4e. People seem to jump on that wagon any chance they get. I'm going to try it to see how quickly people sign up. And then be like, sike! we're playing savage worlds lol!

    Yes it is difficult to find players when you're not running 4e. Even though my favorite ruleset is SW I had to resign myself to run some 4e just to have enough players.
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    I might just wait until I go home to NJ next week and just play with my regular group

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    I would be interested in either game. I haven't tried Dawn yet but it has some interesting stuff in it.

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    Game Cancelled due to lack of interest from community.

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