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    [Savage Worlds] Player LFG

    I am looking for a group to play some Savage Worlds sci-fi or fantasy. Im available most weekdays after 8pm EST. I havent used FG since the launch of FG2 and have been using maptools in its place. Any help and/or a slot in a game would be appreciated.
    Indiana EST

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    I am considering starting a Savage Worlds or Hero System campaign, I am reading the rules for both right now. I finished reading the Savage Worlds rules but I need to find a setting I want to play with.

    I am on pacific time so it should be pretty easy for me to start at 5pm my time on weekdays, I'm thinking this friday.

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    I would love to jump into a Savage Worlds game if you get one going middlemonster

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    I'd be interested in joining a SW game too. Weeknights after 8pm could work (except Wednesdays). I have a fair amount of experience with Savage Worlds and some experience with FG.

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