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    Savage Worlds - module authoring


    I am currently trying to put together a campaign module in Fantasy Grounds for the latest Savage Worlds ruleset (V3).

    So far, using xorn's essential tutorials, I have got some Story elements together, along with Maps and Personalities. However, I would also like to add some of the "sidebar" info for this module, which includes extra edges and hindrances.

    In my library, I have the two basic explorer edition books, and inside the players book, all the links open on a parchment link background. Furthermore, the hindrance links open this type of box and include a grab-able link to the hindrance. Edges do this too.

    So my questions is - how can I produce something similar to this for my campaign module ?


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    You would have to build a library module similar to the way the Players Guild is built. Fortuantely it's easy to look at the player's guide. Just make a copy of the module then change the .mod to .zip and unzip it. Look in the db.xml file at how the edges and hinderances are made. You would want to copy one and and use it as a template for the new things you want to add.

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