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Thread: Call of Cthulhu

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    Latest update

    We have two new players for group two finish up their characters. We have four more possibles so if you want in a game, be sure to jump now.

    BTW Both groups are going to co-exist in one campaign. This should get interesting as actions from one group will affect the other.

    I will start posting IC things on this thread and not give OOC updates going forward.

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    Group #1 might need a new recruit... it runs 9pm-11:30 Wed nights.

    Group #2 is TBD either Wed or Fri 7-9:30

    Central USA time (GMT-5 daylight savings I think)

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    If your second group does get off the ground, I'd be interested, though it would need to the on the Friday night and start near 7pm Central US time, as I'm five hours ahead which would make it a midnight start for me. Are you using extensive chat as my wife may be unamused at that time of night (at least where I am), not to mention my accent, though my typing is pretty reasonable. I'm aware this is far from ideal. Still worth a speculative punt (that’s a bet, just in case that one is lost mid Atlantic).

    I was also looking at your post for Rolemaster, but I’ll post there direct when I get a moment, not trying to mess up you thread here.

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    We were talking about chat last night, seems that group #2 has a preference for text based chat. (We've got at least two hardcore computer geeks in the group so typing isn't an issue)

    Though I don't want to steal Aracons thunder. I'll let him tell you the facts :-)

    Also, definately poke him about Rolemaster. Turns out he knows his stuff and I'm quite up for having a game with him too ;-)

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    Group #2

    Group #2 is definitely off the ground and running. It will either be 6:45pm-9pm USA Central Time (GMT -6 but we are on daylight savings) Wed or Fri weekly depending upon negotiations with my boss (wife). We will have a firm stop time at 9pm for our frail European friends who don't have the stamina of being awake past 3am (j/k - I pass out at 1am myself being an old man).

    We still have one open slot on group #2 but I am certain it will fill up within 24 hours ... first come first served as I want to cap the groups at six each so everyone has a chance to play.

    I will continue to use this thread (Fantasy Grounds permitting) for Out of Character talk and hope to open up something in-character to include obituaries, news articles, weekly reports, etc. that both groups can access.

    I also will open up a GM Tools location for other Call of Cthulhu GMs who might like to use some of our maps, characters, etc. but that will be by request only so you will need to email me if you are a CoC GM looking for things.

    BTW there is a great community here of folks and quite the interest in Call of Cthulhu games.

    The group wants to do text chatting. I personally prefer a combination so that it feels like we are at a table together, but wel will try text first.
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    Well I’ve got my fingers crossed that your good lady wife says Friday ‘cause not too sure I could get up at 6.00am on a Thursday to go to works after just finishing a FG session 3 hours before.

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    7pm central on Friday is a GO!

    One slot left.... five with characters.

    Also, the 9pm Wed slot has one opening

    Both games are central standard (-6GMT) daylight savings

    We play 2.5 hours max.

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    Hi I'm fairly new to CoC (I've played the board games plenty but nothing RP). I'd be interested in either spot if still open and you wouldn't mind a CoC newbie. The Wed slot fits better if preference matters.


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    Xitan, drop me an email and add me to skype as per my personal message to you.

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    If anyone wants to be on standby, post here and if we have openings I will let you know, first come first served.

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