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Thread: Call of Cthulhu

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    We are running some of the basic adventures from the book. If you dont have them and want to play then I can add in one more person. We play tonight at 9pm central until around midnight but will need to get in contact with you prior to that to get you set up. Drop me a pm with your email and phone # and I can reach out.

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    I didnt get a chance to contact you today but im still interested for next week, and at least that wont be such a rush to sort things out!

    il send u a PM with contact info

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    Latest update

    Our intrepid investigators made it to the old Corbitt House and discovered the Chapel of Contemplation. No deaths but chalk up one broken camera.

    We attempted to use maptools but ended up using FG2 maps. It is a bit clunky trying to use both without everyone having two monitors.

    My kingdom for FG2 maps that have line of sight like maptools

    Also a weakness of the cthulhu ruleset is getting players a price list. I've managed to set up a shared google document with a spreadsheet but would like to have had a way to share that inside FG2 but haven't discovered how to.

    I also found a decent Cthulhu token set over at maptools that worked OK.

    I'm wanting to convert Secrets of NY into FG2 but the pdf download was pretty bad from Chaosium. The columns won't copy right and the text is integrated with pictures and is hard to copy into FG2. The pdf is smudgy. Too bad Chaosium didn't spend a little time getting a good pdf for sale.... the one I purchased wasn't worth it.

    Overall though, we've had fun and could add one more player.

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    Campaign Update

    The campaign is going great. One of the players commented "I never thought this would work, but it feels like we are all sitting around the table playing".

    I drew up some nice maps and we have been enjoying the virtual interface. This game is currently full but I might consider running a second game on Sunday nights after work slows down a bit.

    I am starting to learn how to use the maps and masking and while I still like the line of sight and lighting in maptools, FG2 works pretty good and is easier to flip between maps with tokens and such.

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    if u start a new one, coun me in!

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    I'm in the GMT time zone but I'd be interested in finding some CoC/RM/D&D games

    I think I may have PM'd you already actually.

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    The Wed night 9pm CST group is currently filled. I will start a new thread for an additional game.

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    Actually, lets use this thread.

    Recruiting is officially open for a second Call of Cthulhu group. I am searching for six players who are new to Call of Cthulhu and have not played through the scenarios. If you have run through some of the scenarios, please be sure to tell me which ones so I don't use them.

    Results from campaign #1: One player was hit in the head with a 12 gauge shotgun at point blank range doing an impale and 30 hit points of damage...... SPLAT.....

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    I'm relatively new to CoC - having read some of the Lovecraft stuff to get a feel, but not enough to make me an authority on the matter ;-)

    I GM'd a game a long time ago using the intro mission from the 3rd edition book with the undead guy buried under the house.. Beyond that, this is all new territory to me and I've not brushed up on the rules

    I'm in the GMT time zone but hopefully we can sort something out?

    I usually play Rolemaster but have done AD&D, D&D3.5 and others in my time.

    Count me in :]

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    We are at four possibiles.... two more slots open for the new campaign.

    Filling up fast... again looking mostly for Call of Cthulhu newbies or casual players for this game of CoC. I will put together a real campaign at a future date with some original stuff but for now would just like to run some casual games. Thx.

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