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Thread: Call of Cthulhu

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    I spoke too soon, I think I will be cleansing the Imperium from subversive and destructive enemies of Man after all

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    We have room for the 9:30 pm

    We do have room for the 9:30 pm game on Friday. Both the 9pm on Wed and 7pm on Friday are full (Central Daylight Time). (GMT-6)

    The Wed game went really well with the players thinking they were taking a break to go to a Jazz concert by one of the players who is a Jazz Musician that turned out to include a mysterious assassination-style hit on an accountant, a chase through the packed ballroom only to see the hit man screech off in a Packard. (with a subsequent failure on spot hidden to catch the license plate).

    Group #2 went well but is a bit slower paced with an all-text game, but includes quite a bit more in-character roleplaying. The Sumo Wrestler certainly had the rolls of the week across all groups, and he wins the weekly Lucky Charm award (for hitting all of his rolls). The Private Eye wins the RolePlaying Laugh award for the following:


    Private Eye Jake: We will take the assignment for $1,000 each.
    Attorney Dodge: I would agree to $1,000 total.
    Private Eye Jake: "DEAL!"
    Group: "WHAT THE ...!!!! Jake is done being our bargainer!!!"

    As a side note the player playing Jake has been gaming with me since we were kids so I can pick on him freely. He always seems to die in games and we pick on him relentlessly but he keeps coming back for more. Real life rocket scientists aren't necessarily known for their haggling skills, lol.

    Group #3
    Has two characters and several more on the way.. We should be filled up by mid week and that will be it for my gaming time... so if you are reading this and on the fence, join up fast before it fills up.

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    Updates for the week:

    Group #1 (Wednesday 9pm CDT-11:30pm
    Wed group had some spring breaks so we were unable to get the group in motion, but rumor has it that there is a big disturbance at a Jazz hall in NYC...

    Group #2 (Friday 7pm CDT-9:15pm)
    Featured a lot of great roleplaying with the resident Sumo Wrestler once again saving the day for clueless (bad dice rolling) investigators.

    Group #3 (Friday 9:30 CDT - midnight)
    We did get the game in motion but could use 1-2 more players. Some excellent roleplaying and Chinese mysticism made this group very fun.

    Overall, a great week with the dice rolling award going to Henderson for snapping an excellent picture of a farmhouse. And the psychology award that makes our resident sumo wrestler not only intimidating but with near mind reading powers.

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