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Thread: Call of Cthulhu

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    Call of Cthulhu

    I am looking for a couple more players to join a bi-weekly Call of Cthulhu game. The game will run Wed 9pm to around midnight central time. This game will alternate with a weekly rolemaster game.

    Setting will be the 1920's standard setting.

    I am very rusty on running Call of Cthulhu so you will have to bear with me as I come up to speed.

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    I'm going to cap this at six players. I now have two confirmed and only four slots open.

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    I am down to only two openinings.

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    I might be interested, what ruleset are you using? BRP?

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    We're using the ruleset available on here, BRP I believe.

    That assumes that I can figure out how to use it... I am having some issues with character generation not having the rule book visibile, etc.

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    First Session

    We had a short first session to get the game going. I am new to FG2 and picked up the unlimited license and had it installed relatively quickly on Windows 7. I was able to follow the firewall setting changes and modified my router as per the directions and the players were able to connect. They are new to V6 of CoC so read through the rules, rolled some dice and began character development.

    We tested the interface to see what happens if I lose connection, how to open up various notes and make them visible and general trial and error testing of the interface to make it suit us.

    We decided on a setting in NYC in the 1920's.

    Overall, it took about 90 minutes to get everying installed, configured and characters rolled up (but not completed).

    We still have one open slot for 9pm Wednesday Central time if anyone is inerested.

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    Could possibly get involved. You guys using Voice-Chat or just Text...playing until midnight in my place with loud talking ( i.e. me on a mic might not work out)

    I am used to BRP and CoC 6th Edition.

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    I think we are going to try voice chat. If it gets too cumbersome we might go to text or a hybrid approach such as combat being text, RPing being voice.

    We are using CoC 6th. I am coding up Secrets of New York and some other adventures.... obviously if you have those it won't exactly be fun to play.

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    We have had three sessions now. I have drawn up the Corbitt House in full color and it looks pretty good for my first time with new tools. I am an old school style of cartographer (one of my undergraduate degrees).

    I have sent the maps in for review so they might appear on here for downloading if the quality is up to par.

    Anyhow, we used Skype and it worked ok but a friend carved out a room in Ventrilo so we will likely use that. The chat was good and felt like we were playing in the same room.

    For drawing I used some Dundjinni but found it incredibly difficult to install with numerous buggy issues. I had to download through a private portal before I finally got the art packs up and running. I like Campaign Cartographer. Maps got touched up a bit with Macromedia tools.

    I don't like FG2 maps at all. I think we will be using an integrated maptools for line of sight and FG2 for the campaign. Moving on FG2 maps was clunky as was getting the mask to work whereas maptools does a good job at the kind of mapping I like. However, Maptools is clunky for campaign information and the Cthulhu ruleset for FG2 is awesome.

    Overall, a good blend of tools makes virtual desktop gaming a great experience. The FG2 Ultimate license and Cthulhu ruleset were worth every penny. The biggest challenge with FG2 was hacking into my own router to configure port forwarding...

    I wish I could say the same about Dundjinni. The installation process was the worst I have ever seen and I am fairly well experienced at this stuff. I didnt like the proprietary art packs. The tool was easy enough to use to make decent maps but I like Campaign Cartographer much better.
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    Id love to give CoC a go, i never did play it but heard a lot of good things from my friends

    if you still have room PM me and I will gladly come along

    I have admin access to a permanent vent server too so can set up a PW room to stop random ppl jumping in mid RP if needed!

    let me know!

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