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    First official Call of Cthulhu adventure available

    Crack'd and Cook'd Manse, one of the 6 stories in the Mansions of Madness has been converted and posted for sale on the store and from RPGNow.

    CHA23110AFG2 - Crack'd and Cook'd Manse

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    That's great!
    I bought the CoC ruleset a while ago and it was really well-done, and tons of fun! I'll definitely be getting more of these once I finish my current Pathfinder campaign!
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    ddavidson, I'd like to thank you for a job well done. You've been doing good work.
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    Any hints on the upcoming Call of Cthulhu adventures and when they might be available?

    Are you going to convert in the Mountains of Madness mega adventure?

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    King of Chicago and Secrets of Marseille are currently being worked on, along with Masks of Nyarlhotep. We are still looking for other people interesting in converting more of those modules.

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    I would be interested. Drop me a PM.

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    I could convert those modules, but i don't have all the pdf in english.

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    For anyone on the fence about buying the Call of Cthulhu ruleset (or FG2 to run CoC) ... I have two words for you: DO IT!

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