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    I would be willing to pay $20 for a quality MA1e ruleset for FGII. Played MA1e off and on for decades. Been a Gm/Dm of D&D since 1974 or 1975 (That is why I am called Old-Dm). I can't code, but I can covet someone else's hard work and then purchase the fruits of that labor.
    Good Luck and keep us informed.

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    I am in a similar situation to yours. I have a full time job and two part-time jobs. I love to play RPGs, but don't have the time to learn to code and then convert a rules set to FG II. Even when I have tried to ask how much such a project might cost, so I could gather my funds to arrange it, I got responses that I should just program it myself. Much as I love FG II, it looks like I will have little use for it in the end.

    Craig J. Brain

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    Hi All!
    I am getting back into using FGU, and will have the updated software installed shortly. I will then start looking at this again

    Craig J. Brain

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    An awesome game, but so many ideas just not well suited to translating into FGU. Protein disruptors for one, as previously mentioned.

    I've been rewriting some of the rules to keep the spirit of the game, but make them usable on the platform.

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    Sorry. I meant in its layout etc compared to more recent games. You should definitely engage with Bayne7400 and see where that leads you.

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    I'll do that! Thanks for the suggestion!

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