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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison
    I believe it is all copywritten by the same people, so probably. What does the copyright on the old stuff say? If so I can verify with PEG, but I doubt there would be a problem.
    Actually, that may not be the case. Remember that the older Deadlands material was written with Matt Forbeck being at PEG, and the fallout that caused PEG to change to GWG may have put some of that material in a "weird" copyright state. I've seen this many times over the years with publishers, so I would double-check this with Shane to make sure. In addition, remember that original Deadlands is not SWEXP, and conversion might conflict with something PEG is doing, and so on.

    As a general rule is is always best to double-check with the publisher to make sure material is OK to convert, since copyrights can get very complicated in this industry. You really don't want to waste time converting a property only to find out it is a joint property or subsequent (2nd) use requires paying a fees to a holder, etc, etc.

    Older companies like PEG, Chaosium, and ICE are perfect examples of companies that have gone through ownership changes or re-alignment and might have strange copyright issues with legacy products.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sondermann
    Would it be possible to use old (Classic) Deadlands materials? I'm thinking about creating a token pack(s) from the old Cardboard Heroes sets.
    PEG still owns all the rights to those and they are okay with those properties being converted over. Send me your contact info on a PM and I'll draft the contract you can proceed under.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison
    I heard back from ICE and they are very much wanting to do this. I need to send them an updated contract but it should work according to the proposed breakdown.
    Sweet! Happily for me I am a for the love of the game rather than for the love of money kind of guy, LOL.

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    Are there any plans to update the Castles and Crusades ruleset to the current paper release/edition?

    Thanks in advance,


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    This looks like such a promising opportunity!
    WardCo. is very interested in seeing this done for Metamorphosis Alpha

    Craig J. Brain

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    Quote Originally Posted by AJCarrington
    Are there any plans to update the Castles and Crusades ruleset to the current paper release/edition?

    Thanks in advance,

    The C&C ruleset was done before I took over it, obviously, but I've been informed that it is up to date except for maybe 1 page worth of text -- mostly related to barbarians. Are you aware of any other issues?

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    I added Malhavoc Press to the list and we have a few existing modules that need to be created. The ruleset already exists and will be going up on the store shortly along with a handful of other items licensed from Monte Cook's Malhavoc Press.

    ** Check the first page often as I will keep editing the 2nd posting here.

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    I added Triple Ace Games to the list. We have several experienced developers who have already expressed a desire to work on Hellfrost and other Triple Ace Games products. One of them is currently finishing up Sundered Skies after he finishes up some work on Necessary Evil.

    0one Games is also coming on board shortly but they are looking at doing their own conversions. If this changes, I'll put them on the list here.

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    Mongoose Publishing is now on the list and is merely awaiting the final contract. This effectively gives the community another 17 game systems that will be available for an official ruleset.

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    Still no word from Fantasy Flight on Warhammer?
    Ultimate License
    Rulesets by NezziR:
    WFRP2 for FGI, WFRP2 for FGII, Dark Heresy for FGII,
    Savage Fallout for FGII and Savage Worlds, FGII help mod.

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