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    I would be happy to join if there turns out to be any vacant spots Seeing as you had 8 available players I realize it's unlikely, and I also saw that you'd be out of town.. But I have a full and a lite license, and the CoC ruleset due to an interest in running my own game later, so I'll just have fun creating a couple of characters. Am in Sweden, so play times are good for me of course :P

    Just let me know if there's an opening and you want to review my character(s), I've sent you a PM with contact info.

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    there is still room

    There is still room, the 8 players didnt show. There ar two players right now.
    Im not the GM though, you need to pm peterb he is the GM and he is out of town till i think monday 31aug09, try him this weekend though i could be wrong. We use a point buy system for char gen. and teamspeak (its free) for voip. peterb will give you all the info for getting on the server and he will even fire it up so you can create a char or have him review yours. If for some reason you dont get a hold of him our next session is wednesday 02 SEP 09 at 9:00 pm. Thanks for your intrest and hope to see you wednesday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andeee
    This game still running?
    Indeed it is. However, at this point I there's no opening for a new player. Sorry.

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