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    Greetings - log on alias has been sent to those selected - see you tomorrow!


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    1st session

    1st session was a success and a blast! Had three very good quality players and Fantasy Grounds performed quite smoothly for the CoC experience thus far. The investigators are beginning to unravel the mystery that is Grimrock Isle. So far - several valuable clues have been uncovered, and the investigative team has enlisted the aid of a local college student (hmmm...I wonder if he will survive long?). We didn't use any type of voice thus far and I think that is up in the air a bit still. My thoughts so far are that text only still worked pretty well. I think with typing your responses - players were a bit more careful about what they chose to say. I feel the roleplaying experience was probably even a bit higher than my standard group. So far very pleased with FG2 and the group


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    I was one of the players and it was really fun, the group is going along great. My FG experience has been very hit-or-miss, I think my standards are too high and my ability to tolerate fools too low, but everyone here was great. Very high on the RP quotient too.

    I can't wait to play again next week. My only regret is that it will not come soon enough.

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    I also was one of the players and I agree that it was a great game. The role-playing was on par with a great start to a great adventure.

    A couple of sided ideas so that we can keep our mind fresh will we wait till next game. Right now I own a website and a small generic forum in which I try to keep the games I run located there from own campaigns. If everyone is in agreement I could also host our cthulhu game there, so we can post chat logs, talk about the up coming game, and pull out thoughts together on the information that we have collected do far. Ive created a tentative section already is everyone wants to take a look.

    With the main website being located here:

    Signing up is easy and I could also make Devin our lucky Keeper, a moderator on the forum section to make changes to the forum as he sees fit. But again its up to everyone if we want to post there instead of here.

    Just an idea. But again great session last Thursday and i can't wait till next time.

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    Game still on for tomorrow evening?
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    Rulesets: 3.5, Cthulhu

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    game still on at 8:00 as per usual time see you later!


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    2nd session

    2nd session went well - the investigators gathered more valuable information, conducted some research at the town library after finishing meals at the SeaSide Tavern. At several times, the party was aware of being watched, though who is watching them still remains a mystery. Some of the high points of the game include Paul's character "Samuel" seeing a creature fly through the night sky and losing some sanity from it. His dog first heard the creature, and has proven adept at sniffing out opportunities for his character to lose san from

    Soon after, the characters headed to Bleakmoore Cemetery to meet a stranger who had "information" for them. When getting there, the characters were spoken to by a man hidden in the shadows. He began to share valuable information. Next thing they heard was a scream, and rushing into the shadows, they discovered a hole in the ground and fingermarks in the dirt from someone vainly trying to resist getting pulled down. Their would-be informant was gone, so after some debate, the party decided to head down into the ground after him hopefully to affect a rescue from whatever took him. After a walk, they came to an underground chamber where four mysterious creatures were busy chomping away on the bones of bloody limbs. More san loss ensued and the party stands poised for a brutal combat with the strange underground denizens.

    Still having loads of fun and its a good testament to a great program that allows such a true to actual life rpg experience. Fantasy Grounds 2 Rocks!!

    c-ya next week!


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