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Project: Zombicide - Day 6

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Welcome to Day 6!

Almost done. The one thing missing is how to handle items. In theory we could do this the same way it is handled in the board game - use the character ID boards and prepare all the cards, including Wounded cards as tokens, so you can pull them onto the boards.

There are two distinct disadvantages to this, though: It takes up a lot of valuable screen estate, and secondly it does not help you to use any automation functions FG might provide.

Fantasy Grounds is a Roleplaying Virtual Table Top after all - dealing with characters and their abilities and equipment is what it was made for.

The Core RPG is a general RPG that allows you to pretty much play any RPG. It just doesn't offer any additional tools that you'd find in the D&D, Pathfinder, Savage Worlds or many other rulesets that have been programmed already. That means, if we want functionality, we'll have to do it ourselves.

At first though, we'll use the Core RPG features. Building a custom character sheet is quite easy, as Doug Davison demonstrates in this video.

Armed with this knowledge I very quickly whipped up character sheets for each character. There are only two skills: Melee and Ranged. Both always use d6. I modified the number of dice rolled according to the weapon rolled - and adjusted the title accordingly ("Melee" for example became "Melee (Chainsaw 5+)" when Amy found that one.

Now a double click on the dice in the character sheet rolls the dice with the notice what skill was used. It's easy to see that this roll scored 1 hit.

The items were entered via the items tab and then added to a table, similar to the Zombies table. If you click on the link you can see the description for the item in question.

The character sheet is not optimized in any way - but it looks like we can definitely play now!

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  1. st4lk3r87's Avatar
    Hey! Is there a way where I can get this mod/extension anyway?
  2. AstaSyneri's Avatar
    My goal was to show (myself) how to do this with FG. All materials are copyrighted by Cool Mini or not, so there is no way to offer this for download.
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