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Project: Zombicide - Day 5

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Welcome to Day 5!

So many components are ready, but the most important ones are the CARDS.

Zombicide basically uses two different card types: Zombie Cards and Equipment cards, of which Wounded Cards are a subtype (they are used on the equipment slots, although they of course are not items per se).

Let's talk about Zombie Cards first: When you draw one, you put Zombies on the board according to the highest experience level of any survivor (yes, that implies he/she has to be alive to be "eligible").

Ideally we'd have a function that allows us to set what cards are to be used in the scenario (you can make it easier or harder by excluding certain cards from the deck you are playing with) then shuffle it, draw from it, and show the resulting card as an image, but we are not there yet.

Instead we are going to use the table function in FG. In its basic version that comes with the Core Ruleset it is meant to be used for Random Encounter or Loot tables. Very, very old school D&D.

If we used that vanilla version, though, we'd have the same chance of drawing each card every time (1 in 42 for the full set).

Fortunately Trenloe has done a magnificent little extension to the tables, called Basic Card Deck Tables.

This extension allows to set a table to "cards" and then manually exclude the table items you have already "drawn".

Another nifty feature of Fantasy Grounds: If you have a link (to an image or a library entry), you can simply drag the link into the result in the table and it will be reproduced in the result. Simply click the link and (in our case) the Zombie Card will be shown in all its glory. Or infamy.

Once you have drawn a card, you have likely to scroll down a bit to find it and disable it, but that is a minor inconvenience, as is the fact that on resetting the list will not be reset to its original order.

Scanning all those cards was a bit tricky, due to Moiré effects and those rounded cardboard corners, but all in all this took just under an hour.

It looks like we are almost there - just one more thing until we can do our first test run...

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