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Project: Zombicide - Day 3

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Welcome to Day 4!

We now know how to put the rules into Fantasy Grounds, but that's not really what we want, is it? What we want is to play! And we want to see some visuals.

There is a reason you call it a board game: You play it on a board. Let's get to it. Once the game is here I plan to scan the tiles in all their glory, but for now we'll take the ones coming with the Map Editor. The tiles in there are only 250x250 pixel, plus they are kind of greyed out (easily remedied with an Auto-Level command in Photoshop - I am sure Gimp has similar features), but they'll do until we can scan the real thing in Hi-Res glory. At least these will be very upload-friendly.

Once I have set up the dimensions in Photoshop and set up some guides to click the images into, each map only takes 1-2 minutes or so to produce. Getting out he board game tiles and arranging them takes easily the same time (or longer).

This for example is the (very small) tutorial map done this way:

Where to put it?

The correct folder sometimes is a bit awkward to find, but there is a simple solution:

Click on the Images & Maps Button in the right column. Then click the Folder button on top of the window that just opened and the folder opens right there. All images put into that folder immediately appear in Fantasy Grounds.

Nifty, isn't it?

That takes care of the Board in Board Game for now.

In addition to the tiled boards, you can find the character boards (called 'Survivor Identity Cards') on the Zombicide website. For now these can go into the same folder, and everybody has an instant character sheet).

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