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Project: Zombicide - Day 2

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Welcome to Day 2!

We are still working on our rules module. Formatting a library entry with <h> for headers (XML needs you to always close tags!), <p> for paragraphs (text that is not enclosed in either of these tags will not be shown!), and the occasional <b> and <i> tags works fine for most entries.

Lists are done with <list> tags, and then each entry being surrounded with <li> and </li>, ending the whole structure with a closing <list>.

These entries are starting to make the rulebook look useable already:

In chapter 5, though, we not only get more text, but it is divided in to topics we might want to access quicker, with their own heading. This is kind of a workaround that works pretty well: We enter these subdivisions with they own <librarylink> tag, but precede the title with two empty spaces #160; (otherwise the spaces wouldn't be shown - we need to "hardcode" them in).

	<librarylink type="windowreference"><class>referencetext</class><recordname>..</recordname></librarylink>
		<name type="string">**Line of Sight</name>
		<text type="formattedtext">
		<p>Lots of text again</p>
This gives us immediate access to this subchapter from the main library menu.

How about the proper chapter 5? This will get a little bit of text, and then a link list to the other entries that we also see from the main overview.

	<librarylink type="windowreference"><class>referenceindex</class><recordname>..</recordname></librarylink>
		<name type="string">5. Basics</name>
		<description type="formattedtext">
			<h>Useful Definitions</h>
			<p>Actor: A Survivor or Zombie</p>
			<p>Zone: Inside a building, a Zone is a room. On the Street a Zone is the area between two pedestrian crossings and the walls of buildings along the street. A single Zone may extend over two tiles or even four tiles</p>
				<listlink type="windowreference">
				<name type="string">Line of Sight</name>
One thing to look out for is the <class> tag in <sub01>: This one has to be the same as the librarylink class in the target entry, otherwise the link will be displayed just fine, but the opening window will have no text.

With these two techniques we can complete the purely text based rulebook entries, leaving chapter 9 (Skills) and 10 (Missions) with blank entries for now. I have something special in mind for those.

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