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Sunday Morning and PFS Rivalry's End

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We had a good morning on Sunday, controlled the situation nicely and held off the herd of giants and lamias in Rise of the Runelords. Pharius was rockin' again, kicking some major giant tail while keeping the biggest and baddest of them off the back of our crew. Overall we hit them like a well oiled machine. Very nice.

Peanut and I played in Rivalry's End on Monday night. There are a lot of changes coming in Season 5 of the PFS and I have to admit I'm a little frustrated with the Society in general. I've run a lot of games and we have a great crew playing here on FG, that has been fantastic. The overhead and the hoops is getting to me, rules this and that and honestly the Paizo board is terrible. Of course you have to realize that any idiot can post whatever there and does... so when you ask a question about something.. you are in no way guaranteed to get a 'real' answer. Even so, they rarely take suggestions or comments well... simple questions turn into.. well.. it's annoying... anyway.. back to the scenario.

Rivarly's End was the final wrapup scenario for the Shadow Lodge so Peanut and I brought our Shadow Lodge characters out to see what it was all about. I thought the scenario was somewhat unspectacular.

Side Note: Playing intrigue with a bunch of random PCs is always difficult, I mean really, if characters aren't built to be James Bond.. then they are going to be bored with intrigue... if they are... well it doesn't really work too well for a PFS scenario. All good since there wasn't too much intrigue here, but I kinda was hoping for some considering the Faction involved. A bad expectation on my part. I was never awesome at playing 'Top Secret' so really.. intrigue ISN'T my thing... I'm not quite sure how to get a good mix of it into a game. I'll have to think on that one.

Back to my story...
The PFS is closing out 'Faction Missions' in Season 5.... a good thing IMO since a lot of them come down to a skill check that one of the party may or may not have... One of our players failed to have an appropriate skill and thus failed to get his extra Fame in this one. Which stinks. I mean... seriously. No fun in that. He played the game and did a good job... it's really not cool to set up goals that come down to 1 skill roll. 'nuf said.
Overall the team worked well together and we had a good group of guys. I can't say that enough about these PFS games. I really am happy with the community here on FG and it's been great playing with everyone here. I can only think of a couple of rare instances where there was an issue with personalities that didn't mesh well... and those are pretty well blurred out in my memory. I'm doing a lot less PFS now simply because I've met so many good players and am now playing all these weekly games with them.
I nod to all of you guys.

Kingmaker and Bloodsworn Vale are cancelled this week so I'm on gaming hiatus... unless I can slip something in. I'm going to try and run Legacy of Fire on Thursday in the Bloodsworn Vale slot.. that should be fun. I really like running with the kids.. even though they are sometimes a bit 'distractable'.

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Updated August 13th, 2013 at 22:10 by Blackfoot

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