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Since the little woman was going to be out Friday Night playing Bunco with the girls, I took a last go at First Steps 2 and 3 before they are retired next Weds. the 14th. I had a good group of fellows, some of whom I've played with before and several new guys.

I've run Part 2 eight times now and Part 3 six and it amazes me how differently they play each time. (Those of you who played surely heard me comment on it as it struck me funny at the time.... sorry for being repetitive) Anyway... I'm glad to have a few new members to the crew and sorry to see these scenarios go... but honestly.. it's good to have things changing... it does tend to move the story along... new folks in the future will miss out on some of the good stuff but hopefully there will be other great stories to tell in the future.

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Updated August 11th, 2013 at 05:35 by Blackfoot

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