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No excuses!!!

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Only an explenation.

Oddly enough ... The only comments I have received of late is that I have seemingly abanded my blog.

Interesting ...

Who knew anyone is reading it.

So let me catch you up on what's been going on ...


My best friend from Jr. High. still play RPGs together. He is currently wanting to run Traveller in Fantasy Grounds. Here's the hitch. While Fantasy Grounds does offer Traveller ... it is "Mongoose" Traverer. And Wil Wants to run "Classic" Traveller. Now ... since I have the most experience in Fantasy Grounds ... and we are like Brothers, I volonteered to help him out. I am hoping to sit like a hat on the Mongoose Travwler Ruleset. If not it's going to involve a lot more work.

I am also working on learning a campaign manager. Yes I know Google Drive exsists and in the past we used Face Book. But, the later locked me out of my old page.

So trhis go ... we are trying out Sabbard Campaign Manager. I have tried the usual suspects as Word Anvil and Legend Keeper, however I seem to be having better luck with Scabbard. I like the searchability and layout. It looks pretty too. The only downside is that it about doubles the work for the DM. I hope both I and my players will find it worth the effort. Things are much more organized and it does give a space to record inspiration and thought process. Still it is alot of work.

On top of that I am working on my new setting for my next campaign. That ofcourse intales maps. Keep in mind ... +everything takes longer and there is about half thr output. But as anyone in the RPG world knows ... Weither you sat DM, Game Master or even Referee, a rose by any othername works just as hard.

So in closing Please, rember ... thank your Game Host.

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  1. Stryfe484's Avatar
    Is the Campaign Manager in case you can't use Mongoose Traveller? I ask because Fantasy Grounds works as a fantastic campaign manager on its own.
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